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The brief

I had the privilege of collaborating with Pump Aid, a remarkable organisation dedicated to addressing water poverty in Malawi. They entrusted me to create an impactful animation that would shed light on the struggles faced by women and girls in this region.

The project kicked off with script development, where I aimed to capture the essence of the issue while maintaining authenticity. To achieve this, we decided to have a member of the Pump Aid team in Malawi record the voiceover. Advising them remotely on best practices to record the audio, I ensured that the genuine voices of those affected were heard.

Next came the heart of the animation – the illustrations. I crafted a set of bespoke characters and environments, each meticulously designed to breathe life into the narrative. Every detail was carefully considered to convey the emotions and experiences of the people of Malawi. These illustrations played a pivotal role in making the story relatable and emotionally resonant.

Accessibility was a key concern throughout the project. To make our message inclusive and ensure maximum reach, I developed a typographic style to accompany the on-screen visuals, ensuring the video's effectiveness with or without audio.

The result? An animation that resonates with viewers, evoking empathy and understanding for the women and girls battling water poverty in Malawi. It's not just a project; it's a testament to the power of visual storytelling in driving meaningful change and will act as a powerful tool for Pump Aid in its mission to raise awareness about water poverty in Malawi.

The animation was awarded the Silver Judge's Award in the finals of the Smiley Charity Film Awards 2024.

"We are immensely grateful to creative freelancer, Rachael Ward, for her talent and commitment in bringing this project to life. Rachael’s expertise and passion have been instrumental in creating a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide."

Navpreet Juty

Programme Funding Officer, Pump Aid

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